Phygital Field

研究概要 / Abstract

Phygital Fieldは情報を重畳した映像により群ロボットを制御し,それらが協調して変化することで実世界指向のコンテンツ表現を実現するものです.空間分割型可視光通信(PVLC)を用いて,映像に重畳された情報によるロボットの自己位置推定と制御を行っています.
Phygital Fieldでは,「Physical」なロボットと「Digital」な映像とがシームレスに統合された複合現実感システムを実現し,これにより映像だけでなくそれに同期したロボットの動作まで含めたコンテンツ表現のデザインが可能となりました.

We propose a novel method for the localization and navigation of multiple mobile robots. Our method uses coded light superimposed onto a visual image and projected onto the robots. Robots localize their position by receiving and decoding the projected light, and can follow a target using the coded velocity vector field.
Localization and navigation information can be independently conveyed in each pixel, and we can change this information over time. Thus, the system does not require measurement devices such as cameras, nor does it incur a high communication load, because we implement the localization and navigation of the robots through projection. Further, the spatial deviation between the images and robots does not occur in principle.
The idea of controlling robots by using information embedded in projected images allows users to design an integrated environment easily for the physical robots and digital images. Our findings have implications in various fields such as game environments and tangible interfaces, and we expect our proposed method to contribute to computer entertainment and user interface applications.

ビデオ / Video

発表文献 / Publications

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受賞 / Awards

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